The History of Boney Insurance and Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

Farmer's Mutual Insurance Company of York and Lancaster County was founded in 1892 as part of the Farmer's Mutual Agencies designed by the Government to primarily help farmers insure structures like barns and chicken coops. These small structures that were vey important to farmers were not traditionally covered by conventional insurance companies. It started by insuring coops and barns for coverage against Fire and Lightning. These small policies were a necessity to farmers in the event of a loss. A chicken coop insured for $120 in 1903 was a big deal to farmers. Although no longer still available, Farmers Mutual expanded is coverage to livestock in the early 1900's. You could insure your cow or pig against Fire or Lighting.

Farmer's Mutual of York and Lancaster County is still an active Insurer that covers Homes, Barns, and other Structures for Fire and Lightning Coverages only.

Boney Insurance and Farmer's Mutual Insurance Company were founded together and still mutually operate today in Historic Downtown York, SC, where we have been for 120 years.

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